John Legend: The Show Me Campaign

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John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen are celebrating the announcement of her pregnancy! Chrissy announced the big news on Instagram today just on the heels of her recent admission on Tyra Banks’ new TV talk show, FabLife, that she … Continue reading

Dwyane Wade: Wade’s World Foundation

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While fans of the NBA are more concerned with his stats and also keeping up with his wife Gabrielle Union’s TV series, Being Mary Jane (which returns to TV on October 20th with a two hour premiere), Miami Heat shooting … Continue reading

Marjorie Harvey: Girls Who Rule the World


“Who run the world? Girls!”  We all know the phrase that Beyoncé made ever popular. What does it mean to Marjorie Harvey? Well, if you’ve ever heard Comedian, Author, Radio/TV Host, and Philanthropist (and much more) Steve Harvey speak, you … Continue reading

Special Post: We’re launching a search for the best “SelfLESSie” photos!

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We’re launching a search for the best “SelfLESSie” photos! Submit photos of someone, something or somewhere that inspires you and why. No “selfies” please! We will begin posting them on our blog and social media! Send the photo along with your handle (e.g. @celeboptimist) to!


Bright Idea: Get to know Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, the Producer

Oscar winner Lupita Amondi Nyong’o won the hearts of people the world over when she emerged on the scene. From her very gripping and raw portrayal of the young slave Patsey in 12 Years a Slave, to her genuinely expressive way with words in her acceptance speeches throughout award season, Lupita has demonstrated such poise, grace, and intelligence, and is a bright light not only in the entertainment world, but in the world at large.

It was her breakout role in the film 12 Years a Slave that turned heads, but Lupita has been a quiet storm for some time. In 2009, she released her first documentary film, In My Genes, on the topic of albinism. Born in Mexico City, Lupita was raised in Kenya and was able to document the lives of several albinos living there. Addressing the common misconceptions people have about albinos, including the idea that they cannot be of the same black family as their siblings, maternal infidelity, and anything else that promotes exclusion, Lupita wanted to give a voice to the voiceless on the topic. In an interview (below) from the 2009 African Film Festival, she points out that she did not want to “Lord over” the documentary film with voice-overs but instead chose to make the stories originate from the subjects’ mouths. Never was it about treating albinism as a negative; Lupita’s documentary is about bringing awareness where there may be ignorance.

Saharatv YouTube

Interestingly, towards the end of the interview Lupita emphasizes the importance of telling stories from one’s perspective, and staying true to that. “We need to find our own voice,” she says.:

Here is the trailer for Lupita’s documentary film, “In My Genes”:

Lupita Nyong’o’s YouTube


Celebrity Optimist/TV has a new look!

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Bright Idea: Notice someone today

I can’t help but think of a sweet elderly man I came across the other day. I was walking to a cafe near work to pick up my lunch, when I noticed a man at the corner of the intersection I was crossing over to. He was about 80 years old or so and mobile, yet involuntarily leaned over his walker. I got to the corner where he was waiting for our light to change. I smiled at him. As I stood next to him, and we waited for the white ‘walk’ light, I instinctually looked around to assess the positions of the cars that would be moving, simultaneously, as soon as our light, shared with the green traffic lights, told us to go.

The light changed and I immediately synced my pace with his. (I tend to do that when crossing the street with anyone who may not make it across the street in time, so that I can be the support they may need, when feeling the anxiety of getting across the street faster than physically possible for them.) So, I walked alongside him, and he turned to say to me, “Wanna race?” I smiled and quickly responded, matching his wit, “You’ll beat me!” He smiled and said, “That reminds me of The Tortoise and the Hair! Do you remember that story?” I said, “I certainly do! That’s a classic!” What he said next bothered me. It’s the reason I decided to share this story with you. As we continued to cross and were about halfway, he said to me, concentrating on his steps, “You know, I go to Trader Joe’s, and the people in the parking lot almost run me over! They don’t notice me!” It broke my heart. I said to him, again swiftly, “Well, I notice you!” He laughed, blushed, thanked me and we continued to make small talk about how good the dessert is at the cafe I was walking to. He’d had their pastries but never their sandwiches. He was going on to Starbucks, which was next door to said cafe. I offered to get the door for him and he politely said no thank you. I told him I hoped to see him again and he concurred.

We parted ways. I’ll never forget him.

Notice someone…

Ian Somerhalder: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation

While some people are trying to figure out what happened between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, his foundation is focusing on the important things. Several causes are close to his heart and his foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, supports efforts to take care of the environment, animals, education, the youth and more.

To learn more about his efforts, you can go to his website.


The Ian Somerhalder Foundation website