Celebrity Optimist TV EXCLUSIVE: James Lesure is a “man at work” at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles

Are you loving the new TBS sitcom Men At Work? James Lesure, who plays Gibbs, joins Celebrity Optimist TV for an exclusive interview on-site at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles! Find out more about his role on the show and his optimistic outlook!

The extended version is coming soon, including interviews with the Director, families, and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity LA.


Celebrity Optimist TV: James Lesure at Habitat for Humanity LA on-site build (teaser)


Celebrity Optimist TV on set with Closets for Causes!

Celebrity Optimist’s Founder Kendra Kabasele stops by Closets for Causes’ wardrobe photo shoot for charity to chat with their Founder, Talia Bella! Model Jeanene Beauregard plays up the wardrobe actress Sophia Bush wore in character, as Brooke Davis, on The CW’s “One Tree Hill”. She brings them to life for the catalog being put together for the online auction. Proceeds from the auction go to the charity of the wardrobe owner’s choosing.

(Source: Celebrity Optimist TV YouTube Channel)

To learn more about Closets for Causes, visit www.closetsforcauses.com and follow them on Twitter @Closets4Causes!

Produced, Written & Edited by Kendra Kabasele


Special Post: Celebrity Optimist TV is born!

Celebrity Optimist is proud to announce the launch of Celebrity Optimist TV! There are several projects in development so stay tuned for on-site coverage, interviews, reviews, collaborations and so much more! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us HERE!

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Sneak peek to our recent visit to Closets for Causes’ photo shoot set! We had a chance to speak to the Founder, Talia Bella, so stay tuned!