Bright Idea: Turning to Dr. Karl Kabasele (CBC News Medical Specialist) for all of your health news, facts and updates

From the recent North American heat wave to the experimental treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Karl Kabasele, MD, MPH , Medical Specialist to Canada’s National CBC News Network is the one to turn to when you are seeking accurate, unbiased and straightforward health answers. Dr. Karl, as he’s known to fans and viewers, has been the go-to expert in health and public health issues since he worked for the City of Toronto and informed the public about the misconceptions and facts about the West Nile Virus and SARS when the two epidemics were at their peaks.

As a recognizable face and trustworthy character, Dr. Karl also blogs about the various health topics he discusses on-air, and then some. You can find his website/blog here:

You can also follow him on twitter at:

Here’s a clip of Dr. Karl in action on CBC News, discussing the recent heat wave and what the public can do to stay cool and in good health:

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